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David L. Greenberg
The LANDMAN Sells Houses and Commercial, also!

Associate Broker with RE /Max HomeStores, Bisbee

Bisbee Real Estate, Homes and Land and Commercial Properties for Sale in Sierra Vista, Hereford, Huachuca City, Palominas, Bisbee, Benson, Portal, Saint David and all over Cochise County





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My Mission

For buyers and sellers ... To get you the best deal possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of aggravation and crap!

My Profile

32 years right here!!! I have SOLD more real estate around Cochise County, Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Hereford, and  surrounding areas, in 23 years than most people have sold in 24 years!! And most of the people come back to me for more! I really do sell a LOT of houses, but I didn't want to be called "The Houseboy"

Actually, there have been years that I have sold more land than ALL of the agents (affiliated with one of the largest international  franchises at the time) in the United States and all but two in Canada. What does that mean to you? Maybe nothing ... but see my mission statement above.

"The basic difference between an ordinary man and a Warrior is that the Warrior takes everything as a challenge, while the ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse."   Don Juan

If you are so inclined (or declined) you can search the entire Southeast Arizona Multiple Listing Service from my "look for property" page. Just remember where you saw them, and BUY FROM ME!

ANOTHER DISCLOSURE...I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in Arizona. Some state laws preclude "out of state" brokers from soliciting business inside their boundaries. It is not my intention to break any state or federal laws. 'Nuff said, just call me regarding ARIZONA PROPERTIES!!!

Find me at...

(cell) 520 227 1193 or Bisbee Office 432 6960
Home office 520 378 9380 (but when I get home I'd rather play with the grandbabies)
520 4326979
Snail mail or where to find me sometimes.
          1326 W. Highway 92 #13
 Bisbee AZ 85603
E mail
Sales and General Information: landman@azlandman.com
Link to the GunShop
The Second Amendment Family GunShop or call 520 432 4000

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