SB1070! Finally, someone has the HUEVOS to step up when Fed continues to fall down. This isn't racist, this is existing law, reiterated by the State. It is already law in Kalifornia, but they fail to enforce it just as the Fed has. It is already law in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Until they stop mistreating their citizens, wasting precious resources, and curtail drug production, boycott Mexico. They are the problem, not us. USE YOU HEAD!

...The Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  If you don't understand what that means, please feel free to read ANYTHING written by the founding fathers. They are very clear on  the issue.  Protecting yourself against all aggressors, foreign and domestic, including the possibility of a tyrannical government, was on their mind. We are facing a government running amok.  They want to tax you, they want your guns and ammo, they want your children to think like they do, and they want you to sit down and shut up and take it.  WHO IS RUNNING THIS SHOW? THEM OR US?  Take back your freedom, so hard fought for, for so long, by so many.

It is time for "We The People" to take back our Constitution and re-establish our government. Both Parties have forsaken us, forgotten who they represent. The future is ours, if we take away the power of the parties, and put it back in the hands of the People. Vote against any R or D... they only represent the Party, not you or I.

The U.S. Border Policy needs to go!!! There can be no successful immigration policy unless you can control the border. I have seen more people traffic in Hereford in the weeks following the election than in the YEAR prior to it. Who says the Mexicans don't follow U.S. politics? The smugglers sure do!

I've got a simple plan.

Instead of the coyotes (illegal alien smugglers) getting the big bucks, let the illegal aliens get legal, and  pay the money directly to the U.S., in exchange for a card with a magnetic strip, good for one year of staying in the US. ( following a health and back ground check) They must run it through an ATM once a month to confirm the whereabouts of the visitor, at the end of the year, they go back to Mexico and re enter by paying another annual fee. If they get caught with an expired card, back to Mexico. If they get in trouble, back to Mexico. If they get caught without a card, back to Mexico.  The card comes with no other benefits. No jobs, no health care, no voting, no drivers license. Just a legal visitation.  If they have a job or other privileges, fine, as long as they re new the card every year and check in every month.

Or we could just buy the Northern 500 miles of Mexico....   Beaches, oil wells, farmland, tourism... Arimexicoazona.  I like it!

Too Simple, no one would ever go for it....



Saw a marvelous article in the Tucson Rag a while back. It was titled "A Haven for Native Species" The story is about the Agua Caliente Park, which apparently had previously been transformed from a gash in the Earth to a nice 101 acre wildlife preserve supporting dozens of species of critters. Apparently not "favored status" critters.   Here is my favorite quote from this newest assault on the collective intelligence...

"One proposal would turn two of the park's three ponds into a series of small streams and meadows, an environment that would give native species a foothold against the nonnative species that now rule the park. Species that could someday be introduced include the Gila chub, Gila topminnow, desert pupfish, longfin dace, Mexican garter snake, Lowland leopard frog and Sonoran mud turtle. "

Once again I am in awe at the audacity of those who would attempt to change the world by removing specie inhabitat for 50 to 100 years and replace them with specie unablus which have never been there but look like they should.


The new word of the day is Erascism. A new rascism. This is what I call the attempts of the Enviroradicals and "deep ecologists" to completely eliminate the Human Race from the face of the Earth.  Remember, this is where you heard it first!

Mr Steve Mitchellson, of the C.A.V.E. people writes:

"WOW!! Are you messed up or what???
Thanks for all the anti-environment trash, this information has prevented me
from making a big mistake in contacting you for real estate info.

The maps show the San Pedro as a perennial stream-probably would be if you
weren't withdrawing all the water....but then again once we eliminate all of
the Human race
it'll come back.  Ever stop to think there might be too many
people in the world for our natural resources to support at some point?  As
usual with you Constitution pounding anti-environmentalists you focus only on
your own need for freedom to destroy and making $$.  To hell with the future
generations and other species of life on the planet."

And to him I respond:


Thanks for reviewing my website. You are the second person to tell me that the San Pedro flows year round from one end to the other.  The other 8000 people who visited my website are obviously complete idiots.

If you get a chance, stop in for a cup of coffee. I would be happy to talk about it face to face.  But then, you probably don't drink coffee, that would use water, and humans aren't allowed that luxury. Of course, you can't stop in because you don't drive, because cars use too many of our natual resources.  Well, give me a call sometime. Nope, probably can't do that either, all those dangerous waves traveling through the air ya know!

Sound like the only real way to save the earth is suicide.
You go first.

Oh well".

Lets see just how stupid we can be! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed that the San Pedro River be designated as critical habitat for the spikedace and the loach minnow. Every report ever done on the taxonomy of these two fish clearly state that they require "perennial water flow" for their habitat. The San Pedro River is an intermittant stream!!!!!!!!!!! *

*The other day someone sent an email disputing my opinion as to the flow of the San Pedro River. They said "Please note that the San Pedro is in fact perennial in some places (e.g. between Lewis Springs and Fairbanks)" Confused, I looked up perennial. It said "perpetual, lasting throught out the year" Now I'm even more confused. If a stream doesn't flow in a continous manner then how is it a perennial stream? If it is a stream, but in certain places it flows all year round and in other places it doesn't, isn't that intermittant, with perennial ponds?

Now that leaves us with  some zen-like mystical questions. If the wind stops blowing, is it still wind? If the river stops flowing, is it still a river?

What a hoot!

Pygmy Owl saviors and scientists alike are trying to figure out how to design and attach tiny little oxygen bottles and masks to Pygmy Owls to help them relocate from Tucson to Sierra Vista. This is needed due to the fact that they DO NOT LIVE above 4000 feet.  This is being done in conjunction with the attempts to teach them ENGLISH because MOST OF THEM LIVE IN MEXICO!

Now available ... Postcards to mail to your legislators announcing your desire to toss out the endangered species act! Click here to see what we are doing! Let your opinion be known!!

We all have opinions, and I am no exception. I feel that the Endangered Species Act does NOTHING to protect the flora and fauna of this planet. The self proclaimed environmentalists use the ESA and hundreds of frivolous and costly lawsuits annually to give themselves a name and perpetuate their own jobs. Go to an "Environmental" web site. You will not see any constructive information. It does not say "build this type of box for this type of bird and they will be able to breed". It says "Save the planet-Kill yourself" 

I walk on the land as part of the environment. They fund their lives on the emotions surrounding the land. Go to my links page if you want to see some REAL ways to save the Earth.

  Send this message to your legislators ..."Protect the Constitution of the United States of America or get out of office!!!"