Squishy's (first grandson)  first time voting!

family xmas 98.jpg (40298 bytes)

Travis, Dustin, David D, Dad, Sarah, Mother, Dana c.1998


newminn0.jpg (20190 bytes)

The SS Minnow, 60 Plymouth Belvedere, now back in AZ after time spent with  Dustin in NC

Great gramps (my Father) and newbie grandson Rufus the Lion

97 Pyro Chicken.jpg (49339 bytes)

the Pyro Chicken, 97 Formula WS6 (sold it and the guy flipped it upside down into a house within a month!)

Scarlett Two T s telling Grammi all about it.  Born 121110

Pearl, Sherri's Mercedes SLK320

bob.jpg (15524 bytes)

BoB the 57 buick Super riviera (4 door hardtop) Sold im!

cougar at the show.jpg (42059 bytes)

Johnny Cougar

jake and the rainbow.jpg (85623 bytes)


vette.jpg (51692 bytes)

Bubbles the Shark

Bubbles is for sale $25,000

fam damily.jpg (86694 bytes)

Christmas 2000

41dod000.jpg (22592 bytes)

41 Dodge WC12 "Joe" (sold )

Dana's 71 Cutlass Supreme


zor at sunset back.jpg (91357 bytes)

ZORRO,  1984, one of 2000 Turbo V6's Grand Nationals built that year

(that is a typical sunset from my driveway!)

Isn't it amazing what a little paint and sheet metal will do. Should have this 69 Javelin Trans Am clone done soon.

For Sale $8000

My Hayabusa.  I've gone 165 mph on it.

sluggo 2 views.jpg (212569 bytes)

Sluggo is a 74 GMC Front wheel drive Olds 455 powered motor coach. We are FMCA 22009S

Sluggo is Sold

Those are the Huachuca Mountains in the back ground, again from my driveway.

ghia.jpg (22941 bytes)

.Sarah just got her license, so she gets "Gidget", a 71 Karmann Ghia. Looks like it needs a TURBO!!!  Sold

Yup, it is a 1945 School bus, converted to a camper probably in the  60's  Sold

Watch this one. It will be FUN! 50 Packard.

58 plymouth wagon.jpg (56471 bytes)

A future project, a 58 Plymouth Suburban two door. Un-named as yet....

Stretch, the Yamaha V Max for sale $4500